With this newsletter, I would like to present the new DowHowFiboPro package to you, which is suitable for professional traders as well as for day traders.

This package rounds out the DowHow series and takes us back to the absolute roots of stock exchange trading. The continuous switching between supply and demand leads to a constant succession of movements and corrections that eventually turn into a trend. From the previous packages, we are familiar with the option of working with three trend sizes based on the statements made by Charles Dow: large, medium and small. However, the markets have become faster and more flexible, such that the trader also has to adapt to these changes. This means that the movements and corrections cannot always be assigned to one of the three trend sizes, but that what is decisive is which trend is currently the leading one, and therefore the trend being observed by the market. Add to this the rapid pace of the stock exchange, and the experienced trader only wants to expose his or her money to risk in a manageable period of time.

This Add-On takes all of this into account. It is astounding in its simplicity, it adapts to the current markets without disregarding the nature of stock exchange trading (movement, correction, trend), and it only leaves the trader in the market for a relatively short amount of time. Part of the simplicity of trading is also renouncing any kind of superfluous information, such as the aid of indicators, oscillators and the like.

Since we are working with the absolute nature of stock exchange trading in this package, it is only logical to stick to the original nature of things when choosing possible aids, leading us to the Fibonacci teachings and the retracements derived therefrom. Since this aid, too, is also equivalent to a self-fulfilling prophecy, but this tool is observed by most traders all over the globe (traders are natural beings too), we make the most of this knowledge in the package at hand.

If you would like to test the new Add-On for two weeks, please use this link here:


As an existing customer of the Gabel Add-On and/or the DowHow Add-On, you receive the exclusive opportunity to purchase the new Add-On at the discounted price of 399.-. To take advantage of this offer, please send me an email atinfo@dowhow-trading.comstating your purchase interest andyour current license key (Gabel Add-On or DowHow Add-On). Following this, you will receive the registration link from me for the reduced price(you save 500.-).

With this new Add-On, you have a great tool at your fingertips. Do not miss out on this chance, whether you are a day trader or professional trader now is the time to make your money in the markets.

Best regards,

Markus Gabel